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Bevan & Brown Lab

Successful Applications - EMMI

Statement of Intent

We are looking for why you want to participate in the EMMI program. Describe how you feel this could enhance your education, career goals, and how this experience relates to your interests. Use specific examples from science and discuss science of interest. Don’t be afraid to do some research. Please submit a 1-page, single-spaced word document or PDF.

Science Classes Completed and Successes

We are interested in a list of completed courses to see if you would be prepared for a research experience in a lab that utilizes biochemical and biophysical techniques. We do not want copies of your transcripts! This should only be 1-page.

Letter of Recommendation from an Advisor

This is a nomination from any advisor, mentor, teacher, or guidance counselor you have a relationship with that knows your scientific performance and abilities. This should be emailed directly to Amanda Sharp ( from your advisor.